Tracey Wright

Tracey WrightTracey has been drawn to the healing arts and a deep journey of self-discovery since her teens. For the past fifteen years she has explored these interests through the practice and integration of natural, traditional and energetic healing.
She studied Ayurveda healing with Sri Swami Mayatitananda at The Wise Earth School and herbalism at the North Carolina School of Holistic Herbalism. Tracey was also honored to study the Native American Medicine Wheel with Native elder Roy Wilson. And she is a student of medical qigong, which she enjoys as a regular practice.

Tracey has extensive experience leading wilderness expeditions where she expertly guides others in becoming comfortable exploring nature and themselves. She is a licensed minister and a gifted leader of ceremonies. Tracey draws from the wisdom of nature and her energetic connection with Creation. She is dedicated to keeping open a clear channel with life and her deepest Self.

Process Coaching has helped give her the tools to break lifelong patterns (finally!) clearing the way to manifest more of what she desires in her life. She loves guiding others in discovering their deep connection to self and all of life. She truly believes as we heal ourselves we heal the whole.

Tracey enjoys her life with her husband and three children in the foothills of the Sierras where they raise animals and garden together. Tracey says: “Using the tools of Process Coaching I have discovered so much depth to life, I have become much more of the person and parent that I have longed to be.
Tracey Wright ~ Certified Process Coach
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