Suzie Woolhouse

Suzie WoolhouseSuzie is a deep feeler, botanist, teacher, musician, and Certified Process Coach. Coaching others comes naturally for Suzie with her love of this work and the profound changes she has experienced personally as her own healer. 


Suzie came to Process Coaching seeking more awareness of what she wants in life... and how to make it happen. After her first session, she was hooked, and here she is now with Process Coaching as her life’s work!


“My favorite part about Process Coaching is... EVERYTHING! Mostly I love finding more of who I am and what I truly want, and being able to share this life-transforming work with others.”

Suzie lives on the coast of Mendocino County, California. She’s available for individual and couples coaching, as well as Zoom classes. 

Suzie Woolhouse ~ Certified Process Coach
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