Susan Bowman

Susan BowmanWith more than 15 years in the field of social work, Susan has served special needs populations and individuals facing some of life's most significant challenges. She has counseled and supported children and adults with intellectual disabilities, behavioral challenges, homelessness, substance abuse issues, and mental health diagnoses.

Susan realized the limitations of working for agencies and decided to pursue her long-time interest in independent alternative healing modalities. In her Process Coaching practice, she draws from her background as a Jin shin Jyutsu practitioner as well as her skills and passions in Healing Touch, Reiki, psychic training, and Naka Ima. Susan holds a B.A. degree in Sociology and a M.A. degree in Psychology.

Process Coaching has empowered Susan to follow her dreams and discover her true essence. Like many, Susan had experienced various fears since childhood which at times seemed insurmountable. Process Coaching has shown her how even the most difficult experiences can be transformed with greater love and acceptance.

"Process coaching is truly a gift to all who discover it and are willing to take the leap into the depths of who they really are."

Susan Bowman ~ Certified Process Coach
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