Sarah Hoel

Sarah HoelSarah was born and raised in New England and has also lived in ten other states and two other countries. She has found that living in many places allowed her to experience that people everywhere share the same core. Sarah has had a natural love and connection with children all her life and has found self-exploration with her own inner child to be extremely helpful in her own healing and a powerful guide to helping others in their healing work.

Over the years, Sarah has worked in several non-profit organizations teaching early childhood education, special education, and counseling both children and adults. With degrees in Early Childhood Education, Special Education from Wheelock College and Counseling/Human Relations from Villanova University and recently certified in Reiki level two, Sarah brings a potent blend of personal skills and resources to her Process Coaching practice.

"I have found that many people report feeling there is something missing in their life, and that if this missing piece could just be filled or found, all would be well. I love helping people find a new way of self-exploration and healing that allows them to discover and truly love the parts of themselves that in the past may have been judged against, denied or felt to be missing - there is a way to heal and be whole."

Sarah Hoel ~ Certified Process Coach
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