Paul Childs

Paul ChildsPaul Childs is a certified Process Coach whose passion is bringing the tools and frames of Process Coaching into businesses and organizations. He works with chief executives, business owners and leadership teams in healing companies and bringing leadership development to a deeper level than ordinary business consulting and coaching. He is a national speaker and an executive consultant with 30 years of experience in the advisory and executive coaching industry.

Paul is one of the top speakers in the Vistage International network with over 220 talks on high performance leadership, productivity, marketing and branding. His company, is an educational portal that provides online courses and digital communities with experiential learning for chief executives, entrepreneurs and leadership teams.

Paul honed his skills over the years through his work as an executive coach with Marshall Goldsmith's A4SL organization. He served as trainer for Anthony Robbins and as a seminar leader for the Landmark Forum and the EST training.

He is certified in the Adizes methodology, a structured system for accelerating organizational change, in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and a practitioner of Spiral Dynamics, the study of cultural codes. Paul is the co-author of Leading Organizations from the Inside Out, a textbook for organizational change with Action Learning Teams. He is currently working on his second book Driving Backwards: Sentient Leadership and the Algorithm of People.

Paul Childs ~ Certified Process Coach
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