Pam Bolton

Pam BoltonPam is a Certified Process Coach having completed six years of training with John Pateros. A trained clairvoyant and spiritual healer since the mid '80's, for the following ten years, Pam gave readings, healings, and taught classes through the Berkeley Psychic Institute and was a pastor with the Church of Divine Man.

By the mid 1990's, Pam recognized the need for balancing spiritual healing with emotional release. She then began her search for tools that could reach deeply into the emotions and the unconscious for greater healing. Pam spent the next five years teaching classes, working with individuals and couples in a spiritual counseling practice, researching, experimenting and refining her own blend of emotional healing body work, somatic healing, sound and touch, higher-self channelings and ceremony.

When Pam started taking classes from John Pateros in 2001, she was excited to discover a process, that leaves none of it out, that adds useful tools culled from hypnotherapy and NLP that 'cut to the chase.' Adding Process Coaching to her mix of skills has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of Pam's work with clients.

Pam says, "I believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, and that we all deserve to be happy." In her role as a coach, Pam compassionately and safely guides others into the unconscious and into deep emotional realms to find lost parts of self and bring them back into wholeness. In the process, her clients experience the benefits of loving self-acceptance as they learn to develop and strengthen their own healing resources.

Pam is also an artist, dedicated to creativity and the earth. She calls her newest practice, a blend of almost everything she loves...

HEALING EXPRESSIONS of Body, Earth, Art, and Spirit

With an MA in Transformative Arts, Pam is a licensed minister, an avid gardener, an amateur astrologer, a budding herbalist, and a poet. Pam and her husband have lived on the same land nestled in the hills of northern Sonoma County for over 20 years. Their blended family includes three grown children who currently live in Northern California. Pam is available for consultation by phone or in person.


What People are saying about Pam Bolton:

Moey B., Color Consultant and Faux Finisher, Healdsburg, CA:
"When I started working with Pam I felt like I was at the end of my rope. I now have a sense of being clearer and happier than I have been since I was a kid. I truly love the work in all of its many forms! Thank you Pam!"

Stella W., Artist and Preschool Teacher, Berkeley, CA:
"Pam listens carefully, brings all her skills to what needs healing, and guides me to ultimately be the healer of myself."

Rosanne P., Clothing Designer, Healdsburg, CA:
"For the past 10 years Pam has skillfully guided me through many personal challenges, both physical and emotional, and taught me many tools for living. In many ways, she 'saved' my life and I wholeheartedly recommend her fine work as coach, teacher and mentor."

Beverly L., Clairvoyant Healer & Aromatherapist, Ukiah, CA:
"Pam coaches with amusement, compassion, enthusiasm, and positivism. She is clairvoyant, so she is a great guide who can see into each human soul. She holds a great vision, and guides one to the truth!"

Bonnie B., Interior Designer, San Francisco, CA:
"Pam, your work is such a REAL and valuable thing to be doing for people. It seems that with your innate gift, your studies and life experiences you have tapped into true significance!"

Sarah Hoel, Danvers, MA:
"The results of Process Coaching phone sessions with Pam have been remarkable. I have never experienced parts of my authentic self in such a deep, genuine, empowering and peaceful way. With only a few sessions experience I told Pam, 'I wish everyone could have this on a regular basis!'"

Pamela Bolton, MA ~ Certified Process Coach
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