Make Your Movie the Way You Want It

'The Movies' Metaphor offers many ways to better understand what's been happening in life. One of the most powerful understandings is that we have the freedom and power to change the direction and focus of our movie, and therefore our life.


Here are the steps:


1. Bring your attention to your movie (as in ‘The Movie’ Metaphor) and realize that there is no objective reality. All we have to go on is our perceptions of reality—we can only know there’s something out there through perceiving it.


2. Look back over your life and see that it's as if you've been making a movie.


3. Realize that since the Universe is good and operating correctly at all times (The Healer’s Faith), your movie has been just the way it's supposed to have been.


4. ‘Bless’ the past as having been what was right for you at the time. (Come into full acceptance of all that has been up to and including what is now.)


5. Now that you've accepted your movie as it's been, how do you want it to be going forward? As the Writer, how do you want your movie, your life to evolve from here? (What is your deepest intention for your life?)


6. Find your desires associated with this intention, and ask yourself, “ How do I want the movie of my life to play from here?”


7. Use the Healing Desire practice to ignite your desires and empower your intention.


8. Practice Dancing with the Universe and continue manifesting your movie as you want it to be.


Moviemaking Hints:

1. The more unattached you are to the specific ways your desires come into manifestation, the quicker and easier they’ll manifest.


2. Nothing has to remain the way it’s been. This is my movie, and I can make it the way I want it.


3. Notice that you've been playing different parts of yourself, almost as if there have been different movies. Also notice that there have been movies within movies, some more on the surface, and others at deeper layers of Self, depending on which part you've been playing. Each of these parts has been an identity that you have assumed is you.


4. Find the deeper movie underneath that knits together and hold all the previously separate parts and their separate movies. This will help de-compartmentalize your life.


5. The deeper your identity, the more power you have as the Writer, Producer and Director of your movie. The parts of yourself and the roles you’ve played as the main character are not who you truly are.


6. The Universe is your partner in manifesting your movie. At the deepest layer of manifestation, there is only the prime duality—you and the Universe. Be sure to work in alignment with your most excellent dance partner.


7. Recognize that every ‘obstacle’ is an opportunity to fine-tune your moviemaking skills so you can continually be making your movie more the way you want it.