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Every 2nd & 4th Monday, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM (Pacific Time)
and many of the Process Coaching Teachers and Coaches:
Process Coaching Coaches, Teachers and Practitioners
We invite you to explore with us the territory beyond Process Coaching and even Healing to Wholeness. Through Inner Dialogue, we've discovered three Universal Desires that live deep inside of everyone: the desire to end suffering, the desire to achieve wholeness of Being and the desire to realize everyone's deepest Dream—the freedom and ability to have what we want to have, go where we want to go and do what we want to do with whomever we wish.
At the universal level of Being, this Dream includes living in health and harmony for as long as we wish, in other words, truly free Will for all Beings. A new awareness is now dawning that this will happen only when we ourselves make it happen—by manifesting it outwardly from where its seeds reside, deep inside of ourselves. In the words of the Hopi Prophecy, “We are the ones we've been waiting for.” In this collaborative class we'll explore together exactly how we can indeed manifest the Dream.
So far, in our free weekly teleconference class we have explored the tools of Process Coaching and Healing to Wholeness and collaborated on what it takes for 'Realizing Wholeness' and 'Embodying Wholeness.' This new material is advanced, however if you'd like to catch up, there are fifteen previous classes from 2010 and 2011 available for your review when you register.
The format is 'radio talk show' with the teachers, coaches and participants all in a roundtable discussion. You many also participate via class recordings, and if you miss a class, no problem. After each call, a recording of the class is available for you to listen online or download. You can also ask questions and make comments via email, and they will be responded to in the next class.
Free registration for this lively teleconference class includes links to resources, and free individual email/telephone support from a teacher or coach. Those who complete any 10 of the first 15 classes (either live or recorded) plus the assigned home practice will be eligible for certification as a Process Coaching Self-Healer and receive $50 off the tuition for the Process Coaching Practitioner Course.

John Pateros"I'm excited about this new series of classes because we're opening a new, unexplored territory for using the PC tools. And this is an opportunity for anyone, no matter where you are, to experience the tools and frames of Process Coaching in action... and learn to do it for yourself."

"On its own, Process Coaching is a powerful individual, do-it-yourself healing endeavor. Doing this work collaboratively with others in classes and workshops, sharing tips, stories and realizations makes it even easier and more fun."

John Pateros, Developer of Process Coaching



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