'Mining' the Past

This practice can be used to get more in-depth information from a previous situation you experienced. Taking yourself through this process can help you find the cause of a previous trigger, as well as enable you to know much more about what was happening in any past event or situation, including all of the others’ points of view and feelings at the time.

The unconscious, sentient memory holds information the conscious mind had missed in the moment of the experience. While the conscious mind is capable of holding only seven to nine bits of information at one time, our sentient, feeling memory has recorded everything that happened—including what each person was feeling in that moment.

This practice gives us full access to the field as it was in that moment, enabling us to become more conscious of everything that was experienced at that time. In doing this process we can quickly find more understanding of ourselves and the others involved, and bring healing to parts of ourselves that had been hurt in the experience. Here are the steps:

1. In a comfortable sitting position somewhere without distractions, set yourself up internally so you are Driving Backwards in the Observer/ Field position. Imagine that the future is behind you, and the past in front of you.

2. Go back to the past event you want more information about. If it was a general situation at the time, choose one specific moment of the situation.

3. Go into Observer Position relative to this moment. See yourself in this scene, and see the other people involved as well. As if this event is happening on a movie set, notice the setting of the event and where each person is located in the scene. Since this replaying of the scene is happening in your imagination, as Observer you have all the powers of the director of this movie.

4. As the director in Observer Position, you can feel into the energy in the field of this event—and go into Second Position with anyone in the scene. Feel what you and each other person was experiencing in the event by going into their position (as you would go into a representative in an inner field constellation). And remember of course to go into First Position with yourself as well.

5. As the director, you can replay the film frame-by-frame, moving either forward or backward until you find the moment you are looking for. Stop whenever you like, and from Observer Position, feel into yourself and any other person(s) of your choice in the scene. (And remember to always go back through Observer Position before moving into another position in the scene.)