Lynn Zachreson

Lynn grew up in a beautiful lake area of Minnesota making the natural world her lifelong teacher. Her love of nature has given her great inner strength and a deep sense of belonging. Process Coaching has provided the tools for her inner journey, allowing her to face fear and walk with courage in manifesting her wildest dreams. 

“Process Coaching is a very simple way to connect with myself, my desires, my will, and to access the support and vital life force that is essential to manifesting my authentic self.”

Lynn enjoys working with others exploring the Process Coaching tools and perspectives to manifest their dreams. “To be our best selves, we want to explore the light and the shadow inside of ourselves, so we can fully express our whole being.”

Lynn is a lifelong artist accomplished in both oil and watercolor painting. She’s also a fine arts teacher. Her work as a painter focuses on the female form and nature’s texture and color. 

As a Certified Process Coach and Teacher, she works with individuals and couples in-person in Northern California, on the phone, and via zoom. She also facilitates Process Coaching classes.

Lynn Zachreson ~ Certified Process Coach
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