Kathleen MacGregor

Kathleen MacGrego

Drawn to the eloquent language of Body, Kathleen began her healing work as a massage therapist, graduating from The Holistic Institute in 1992. In 2001, following a move to Mendocino County, CA, she was struggling with the difficult emotions of parenting her two young sons.

“I knew that what I was experiencing wasn't really about my sons, even though they were triggering the pain. It was about something much deeper. That's when I started working with a Process Coach who gave me the space to actually get closer to my own inner experience and learn to trust and love my feelings. It was the first time I had ever experienced it being okay to have those kinds of feelings without self-judgment and shame. It changed everything.”

Now a certified process coach, teacher, workshop facilitator and trainer, Kathleen is known for her grounded presence, soothing voice and the compassionately empowering space in which she holds herself, clients and the work. She is passionate about exploring deeply, shedding light on the inner terrain and weaving in the tools and frames of Process Coaching that foster self-love, acceptance, and healing for any experiences that have been buried there.

In her practice, Kathleen sets a sacred, collaborative space where clients and students can tenderly connect with their experience and create the shifts they want to see in their lives. She supports them in connecting with their own unique deep body-wisdom. In her work with individuals, couples, activists, parents, and teens, Kathleen has seen pain, overwhelm, burn-out, despair, and apathy transform into expansive love and empowered action within just one session.

"Individuals matter. When one of us chooses to wake up to what's been going on unconsciously in ourselves, and responds lovingly, the whole Being that we truly are resonates with the healing, including our ancestors, family, and others in our community." 


Kathleen works with individuals and couples, in-person, on the phone, and on Zoom. She also facilitates Process Coaching classes and Identity Process Constellations workshops.

Kathleen MacGregor ~ Certified Process Coach
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What people are saying about Kathleen MacGregor:

Stacey Kolsrud, San Francisco, CA
"Through working with Kathleen, I was able to uncover instances from my past that were still affecting me and change the patterns of relationships that were no longer serving me. As a result, I have more energy for myself and my daily life. I am grateful to Kathleen for her compassion and professional approach to working with me."

Laura Rewerts, Redwood Valley, CA:

"Working with Kathleen was a wonderful experience. Putting me at ease immediately she helped me get through some of the tough emotional hang-ups hidden within me. She is a very gentle and caring coach. Not only did she help me during the sessions, she gave me tools to use in everyday situations. I am now able to process experiences in a healthier way rather than being left feeling inadequate and confused."

Lindsay Dolan, Ukiah, CA:

"When I first began working with Kathleen I was  a tangled mess of desire, emotion, and confusion.  After a few sessions I was able to release much of my confusion and find my true desires. One of my desires was to get pregnant.  I hadn't realized it but I was focusing on the disappointment and sadness of not being able to get pregnant.

After working with Kathleen I was able to love and accept my desire. After our session, every time I thought of being pregnant a warm loving feeling would fill me, and I would smile. I was now excited by the prospect rather than focusing on the disappointment. I became pregnant that month which I attribute to my work with Kathleen."

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