Jen Thomson

Jen ThomsonJen was born and raised in northern California. She currently resides in Los Angeles, and works as an international intuitive reader and healer. She began her spiritual journey as a natural born intuitive at a very young age. She was initiated into the art of divination at the age of 12, being gifted her first tarot deck. She then started one of the internet's first teen advice websites, utilizing her skills when she was just 13 years old. In her early 20's, Jen went on to be certified as a clairvoyant counselor/healer at the Aesclepion Institute. Since then, she's been a professional intuitive reader and meditation teacher. It is Jen's goal to help people lovingly connect with all of themselves, empowering them to get their own answers from within, and to foster their connection with 'All That Is.'

Process Coaching has been an invaluable addition to her own evolution and Spiritual Coaching practice. Even before formally studying Process Coaching, Jen started intuitively working with these tools in her late teens, as they were taught to her by a close friend. This work has helped her in healing her own trauma, negative patterns, and to manifest her deepest desires. It is her greatest joy to help others liberate themselves in this way.

"Process Coaching has helped me to connect to ancient parts of myself, stuck in painful conditioning, allowing them to feel a love they thought was not possible. It has empowered me to move towards myself, even my highly uncomfortable feelings, instead of living a life on the run. This has allowed me to access my true self and a love that is beyond my imagination.

There is a great peace that comes with knowing/feeling that nothing can arise within me that is not lovable, and no matter how painful it may feel, I have the navigational skills to bring it back into wholeness. I invite you to this peace."


Jen Thomson ~ Certified Process Coach
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