Healing Feelings: Free Course in Process Coaching

This free course is available here for listening online or to download.

Included is an overview of Process Coaching along with demonstrations and guided practices so you can experience for yourself two of the most powerful tools of Process Coaching, Judgment Release and Deep Practice for Healing to Wholeness. If you have any questions as you go through the course, please feel free to call us at 800-559-7800 or email us. We would love to hear from you!

Track 1: Introduction (1:43)
Adam Bulbulia gives an overview of this introductory course.

Track 2: Generative Collaboration – What is Process Coaching and how does it work? (22:48)
In a roundtable discussion, John Pateros, Pam Bolton, Betty Idarius and Adam Bulbulia discuss what Process Coaching is and what makes it a unique and powerful approach to healing.

Track 3: Pam coaches Michele in Judgment Release (6:04)
Michele finds loving acceptance for a difficult feeling and brings loving acceptance to it using the Judgment Release Practice.

Track 4: Judgment Release Experience (6:37)
Betty helps guide you through your own experience of Judgment Release.

Track 5: Deep Practice Demonstration (10:17)
Pam coaches Michele in using the Deep Practice to bring even deeper loving acceptance to her triggered feeling.

Track 6: The Deep Practice for Healing to Wholeness (4:47)
John guides you through your own experience of bringing loving acceptance to a previously unloved part of self.

Track 7: Conclusion (0:28)

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Healing Feelings: Free Course in Process Coaching Free Listen or Download