Practitioner Course

Be your own healing practitioner! The unique combination of skills and frames of understanding in these powerful inner arts enables you to quickly and easily get 'unstuck' from any emotional issue, habit or condition, and manifest the changes you want in your life.

This comprehensive, experiential six-to-eight-month distance learning course has all of the information, training and coaching needed to learn and practice these inner skills as your own self-healing practitioner.*

Move step-by-step through a complete and concise training in the new, cutting-edge, sentience-based healing tools of Process Coaching... AND learn the essential healing and manifesting skills of the three most powerful modalities for personal change, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychic Awareness.

This course includes the 240-page Process Practitioner Manual, Healer's Practices recordings, nine hours of Practitioner Course recordings, six hours of telephone tutorial time and two ninety-minute coaching sessions with Process Coaching trainers, and participation in monthly live teleconference calls to discuss the training and the material.

Free domestic shipping & long distance charges (domestic US) are included.

*Additional coaching sessions can be very helpful towards the integration of this work, and are available at a special discounted price.