Healing Desire Practice

This practice will enable you to access and heal both the core of the desire and its edge. Desire is the energy of true Will. Desire is the deepest and juiciest kind of sentient energy, and as such has been seriously judged against and denied. These wounds in the energy of desire have rendered it ineffective in drawing what is desired into manifestation.

The healing of desire happens when we bring unconditional loving acceptance to its energy in the body. When the desire energy is healed and whole, its magnetic sentient nature will naturally draw to you what is desired.

This practice makes it easy to reverse the conditioning against desire and to bring your love to desire's sensate presence in you. Here are the steps:

1. State a desire and feel into it.

2. Locate the feeling of the desire in your body.

3. Feel into the energy of the desire and describe it as warm, cool, tight, loose, etc.

4. Are you comfortable with the energy of this desire, just as it is?

5. If not, do judgment release and/or deep denial release until you are comfortable.

6. Is this desire loveable? When you find it so, bring your loving acceptance to the energy of the desire, just as it is... unfulfilled desire. Allow the desire energy to feel bathed in your unconditional loving acceptance of it, just as it is.

7. When you have communed deeply with the desire energy, ask yourself, "If there was something not okay with this desire, what would that be?" (State what would not be okay.)

8. This is the edge of the desire, and it is an integral part of the desire. Find where in your body you feel the energy of the edge of the desire.

9. Feel into the energy of the edge and describe the energy to yourself as warm or cool, tight or loose, still or vibrating, hard or soft, etc.

10. Release denial energy or judgments if necessary, and/or do whatever other practices you wish to help you bring unconditional loving acceptance to the energy in the edge of the desire.

11. Return to the core of the desire and give your unconditional loving acceptance to the energy of both the core and the edge of the desire together, the whole desire. This radical acceptance by consciousness empowers the sentient desire to more easily draw what is desired.

12. Keep exploring and healing using your intuition until there is full acceptance for the desire just as it is, including all of its edginess. (Use the Deep Practice if necessary.)

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