Healing Feelings

Introductory Course in Process Coaching

Process Coaching is a fun, quick and easy way to get unstuck, achieve deep emotional healing and manifest more of what you truly want in life. What makes Process Coaching truly unique is its attitude towards feelings.

In the past our conditioning has been to control our emotions with the mind in an effort to 'help' our feeling parts learn better ways of behaving. In this work, we honor that our emotions already know what they need for their own healing.

The mind's role now is to listen to and learn from the feelings. Mind asks the pain, "What can I do to help?" and then places itself in service to the wisdom of the unconscious, intuitive self by lovingly supporting the feeling. This new approach of consciousness (mind) in the service of sentience (feelings) revolutionizes what is possible in both ease and depth of healing.

We hope you enjoy your own experience with two of the tools of Process Coaching, Judgment Release and Deep Practice for Healing to Wholeness. If you have any questions as you go through the course, please feel free to call us at 800-559-7800 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Track 1: Introduction (1:43)

Adam Bulbulia gives an overview of the course.

Track 2: Generative Collaboration - What is Process Coaching and how does it work? (22:48)

In a roundtable discussion, John Pateros, Pam Bolton, Betty Idarius and Adam Bulbulia generatively collaborate about Process Coaching, how it works and what makes it a unique and powerful approach to healing. 'Generative collaboration' is a way of working with others that naturally generates art, ideas and concepts that are more than the sum of the contributing parts. Here is a video demonstrating generative collaboration in a music performance.

Track 3: Pam coaches Michele in Judgment Release

Michele finds loving acceptance for a difficult feeling and brings loving acceptance to it using the Judgment Release Practice.

Track 4: Judgment Release Experience

Betty helps guide you through your own experience of Judgment Release. For reference, here is a summary of the practice:

1. Feel a 'bad' feeling.

2. Locate the feeling in your body.

3. Feeling into the energy of the feeling, ask yourself, "What is the judgment here?" ("I am bad because I...")

4. Use the appropriate judgment release statements from the list below. (In all cases use statements #2 and #3. Begin with #1 if there is self-hatred. Use #4 if the judgment is a negative quality of self, e.g. lazy, stupid, unworthy, or 'too' ____.)

1. "I release the judgment that I must hate myself because I ____."

2. "I release the judgment that I am bad because I ____."

3. "I release the judgment that ____ is bad or wrong."

4. Use only one of these options:

a. "I release the judgment that I am in fact ____."
b. "I release the judgment that I am in fact too ____."
c. "I release the judgment that it must always be like this."

5. Feel back into the feeling with love and curiosity, and notice any change.

Track 5: Deep Practice Demonstration (10:17)

Pam coaches Michele in using the Deep Practice to bring even deeper loving acceptance to her triggered feeling.

Track 6: The Deep Practice for Healing to Wholeness (4:47)

John guides you through your own experience of bringing loving acceptance to a previously unloved part of self. You can read a description of the Deep Practice here as well as find the script for taking yourself through this process.

Track 7: Conclusion (0:28)


These audio tracks are also available on CD here.