Deborah Vayder

Deborah VayderWith a BA in psychology, Deborah has years of experience in the healing arts, including yoga, meditation, and Aikido. She is also a trained hospice volunteer, skilled in supporting those with life threatening illness facing their transition.

Deborah loves hiking, biking, and connecting with nature. One of her projects is Earth Embrace Adventures, based on three principles: Engage in life, Enjoy your planet, and, Look for beauty. She is currently developing Moving Into Alignment, a body-movement practice that is a synthesis of yoga, Process Coaching, and body awareness.

“I treasure the depth of self discovery that I have experienced through exploring the resources and tools of Process Coaching. Witnessing myself and others opening to more understanding, and more loving self-acceptance is a gift . This “NOW” time is perfect for loving all we have identified ourselves as, and experiencing the bigger, unconditionally loving self that is asking for more space to express.”

“I consider it an honor to share this adventurous journey called 'Process Coaching' with others. The door is unlocked just waiting to be opened, allowing your curiosity and desire to lead you forward.”

Deborah is available for telephone sessions, or in-person sessions in Ukiah, California.


Deborah Vayder ~ Certified Process Coach
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