Daniel Biernoff

Daniel Biernoff"This is a time of great change. Many things are falling apart and no longer working. People are scared and stuck between stories. New ways of being are yet to be fully birthed. This affects us deeply on all levels." -Daniel Biernoff

For the past twenty years Daniel has studied and participated in many philosophies, energy medicine techniques and mind-body modalities, including qualifications as a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Iridologist, Holotropic Breathwork, Reiki Master, Kinesiology, Transpersonal and Emotional Release Counseling, and as a Shamanic Practitioner.

Daniel loves learning and has dived deeply into the adventure of self-discovery with passion—for himself and with others. He began supporting people using these therapies in his late teens and has continued with clinical work and his own process work ever since. Daniel is a devoted father to his three beautiful children.

“I have found it a numinous gift to witness and support people with their journey physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Process Coaching has seamlessly integrated and enhanced my personal journey, and is powerfully supporting the depth of rapport I experience in guiding people to greater wholeness.”

Daniel is available for individual and/or couple’s sessions, in person in Queensland, Australia, or internationally via zoom or phone.


Daniel Biernoff ~ Certified Process Coach
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