Dancing with the Universe

The day-to-day, ongoing manifestation of doing what we want to do and having what we want to have can happen easily—with the cooperation of the Universe. The Universe is always manifesting from its deep knowing of the events and learning that can help it (and therefore us) heal to wholeness, and thereby have more of what we desire. The metaphor of dancing can help us get in step with the manifestation process, as the Universe does it. And what better teacher of manifestation could we find?

The healing perspective here is that the Universe is wanting us to free our Wills so that we are more able to create the world we desire, a world that truly feels good to us. The more we acknowledge and cooperate with the intent the Universe has for us and for all of Creation, the quicker, easier and less painful the process of our evolving becomes—leading us to more quickly and easily manifest more and more who we truly are, and more and more of what we truly desire.

An important tenet in indigenous spirituality is that the Universe is alive. Slipping into this mindset and imagining that the Universe is alive and aware helps make this practice work. Your dance partner is not a static thing, rather it’s an alive process of constant unfolding.

In our metaphor, the way the Universe moves to manifest is the way it 'dances.' Since we are in the learner position here, we allow the Universe to be our dance instructor. The Universe leads, and we follow until we've learned enough to feel ready to venture a lead ourselves.

It’s a simple, ongoing learning process that’s surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. Begin by imagining that there are two dancers. One of the dancers is you and the other is the Universe. You can imagine the Universe any way you like, for instance as an amorphous swirl of energy in flux that presents itself to you in many different forms.

The Universe Presents...
Sometimes the Universe presents itself as a single person, sometimes as a crowd. At other times it may show up in your movie as a positive event or a lucky circumstance—or a difficult situation or issue in your life. The Universe can also present itself as deeply felt triggers that draw our attention to still-unhealed parts of us. Whatever is most in front of you in the moment, whatever is most 'up,' in your face—is how the Universe is presenting itself now.

The Universe is more experienced at manifesting/dancing than we are, so it's helpful to study its ways for a better understanding of our own manifesting. Here is where dropping into your first chakra and Being Body comes in. Feel the aliveness down here? There’s almost a rhythm to it.

You can tune in at any frequency you can feel; this is your entry point to the dance. This way of relating with the Universe is purely intuitive. As with any kind of dancing, thinking about it can make you feel clumsy.

When you’re feeling the rhythm, when you’re feeling a connection with whatever is on your plate in the moment, begin looking for signs. This is like watching your dance partner to see what they’re doing. You want to be in good rapport with your dance partner, so you’re going to be looking for what’s good about whatever the Universe is doing right now.

For instance, even if it seems unhelpful in this moment, discover as much as you can of the half-full glass that the Universe is offering here. And remember the Healer’s Faith, the Universe is good and operating correctly at all times.

If the Universe is offering a nice day of weather or other happy circumstances, notice it and say, “Thanks, Universe.” If your spouse or partner or parent or child is currently representing the Universe, find all the goodness you can in them and say, “Thanks, Universe!”

If it’s presenting as a troubling situation or circumstance, feel the feelings associated with that, and realize this energy in your body is being triggered so that it can finally be healed—now that you, the Healer are here. Say, “Thanks, Universe,” and begin loving the energy of the feelings just as they are—without regard to what triggered them.

If the Universe is presenting a painful experience full of denial and hopelessness that seems impossible to recover from—say, “Help, Universe!” and know that even now there is a ray of loving light available to help you find your way. Even if you can’t see it as true in the depths of the imprint, keep the faith that the Universe is good and operating correctly, even now; and do the best you can to find more loving light. And when you feel help is on the way express gratitude again, “Thank you Universe!”

On our journey to being more of who we truly are and having more of what we desire, the Universe presents each step necessary to take us to the next step—and each step is tailored to our unique individuality. By coming fully into acceptance of what each moment brings, including whatever may be triggered in us, we have fully received the Universe here. This allows the next moment the Universe presents to fully unfold for us with with its love.

The Healer Leads
Begin your lead by expressing a desire. The dance of the Universe is the dance of evolution, and the theme of evolution is healing to wholeness, becoming one. You’ll be in step with the deeper purpose of the Universe if your lead is toward healing something in yourself. Choose something you want to heal and say out loud or in your mind’s voice, “I want to heal...” Fill in the blank with your desire.

Now feel this desire and find it in your body. Feel into the energy of your desire and nurture it with your loving acceptance, and energize your desire with the Healing Desire practice.

Next, with your desire well loved and energized, Dialogue with the Creators and ask for their advice about how you can most quickly and easily move toward the realization of your desire. Thank the Folks for their help, and of course follow whatever advice you receive.

Now you are leading. Your first step in the dance was to express your desire. Your next step was to engage the Universe in helping you manifest it, and your third step was to do whatever the Universe suggested. The fourth step of your lead is to wait and watch to see what happens next.

Notice how the Universe responds to your lead, and accept whatever comes. If your desire manifests quickly, good. If it does not, it's an opportunity to give your desire more loving energy and ask the Creators for more guidance.

Continue with the dance until your desire manifests. As with any new skill, this kind of dancing gets better with practice. Each time you engage your dance partner, the Universe—or even just observe its movements, you learn more about what works best for both of you.

There is of course much more to the Universe than what first meets the eye, and this is true for us humans as well. There are deeper layers of Being available to us that we have yet to explore.

As in the personal layers of process, these deeper Being layers hold ancient traumas that are now ready to heal, should we decide on having truly deep and profound wholeness of Being. Dancing with the Universe in all of its depth and complexity becomes possible when we know ourselves to also be that depth and complexity.