Connie Duval

Connie Duval

Connie lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and daughter. Her passion is to appreciate and empower others to grow and embody their very best. Connie’s career began in early childhood education, but she soon realized her gift and calling was to support emotional development and healing for people of all ages.

Her personal healing journey began with confronting early childhood trauma and codependent abusive relationships. With the self-healing tools of Process Coaching she now enjoys more love, gratitude, fulfillment, and pleasure. She has a nourishing family life, successful career, and much more.

In addition to being a certified Process Coach, Connie is certified as an Early Childhood and Special Educator, she’s trained as a Self-Esteem Mentor through the More to Life Program, a Shamanic Drummer through the NY Shamanic Circle, and a Dr. Sears LEAN Coach (Lifestyle-Exercise-Attitude-Nutrition).

Process Coaching has empowered me to release a 20+ year dependence on anti-depressants and to fully embrace all of my feelings, even the scary ones that haven’t felt ‘good.’ I’m now able to appreciate the feelings I hadn’t liked before; they are doorways into my deeper self.

With Process Coaching, we have the tools and resources that enable us to use our experiences as bridges to being better off than we were before. This work brings more pleasure, satisfaction, and connection to our lives. I would be honored to accompany you through the next steps in your journey...


From People who have experienced Coaching with Connie:

“Connie’s unassuming and grounded presence created an inviting atmosphere for a most profound and thoroughly unexpected healing. Her loving and accepting energy provided the safe haven and impetus for me to finally heal some feelings surrounding a deep, unresolved issue from childhood. Nothing short of a miracle, I felt an immediate shift that has continued to alter my life. I am eternally grateful.” 

~ Colleen M. Shields, Cloverdale, CA

“Connie has worked with me to gently excavate deeply buried feelings of shame, blame and guilt. She did this in a way that was so filled with love that it just seemed like a very natural flow and very much in the moment. I felt her right next to me every step of the way, without judgments or criticisms but with understanding and real genuine empathy.” 

~ Eric L, Brooklyn, NY

“My experience with Connie has been wonderful beyond words. After working with her I feel the peace and joy of being connected to my true self… Powerful and Positive… in a space where I am totally safe, accepted, and not judged. She helps me see stuff that I don’t see or realize. That is so helpful to me… being coached by Connie is a pleasurable experience. She makes it fun… healing… Since I have been working with Connie, I have a lot more happiness and freedom in my life. I could go on endlessly raving about her. I feel so much more whole since I have been in connection with her. To me, she is beyond 5 stars.” 

~ Carol M, Fairhope, AL

“I really enjoy being coached by Connie and feel I’ve gained so much more compassion towards myself and others as result. She is very intuitive and insightful, knowing how to lead me into self-exploration. She asks good questions that help uncover and eliminate personal obstacles in order for me to make better choices for myself. She has helped me improve the way I relate to members in my family and to better understand things from a different perspective. I would highly recommend Connie as a coach and even a spiritual advisor. She is truly gifted and great at what she does.”

~ Ilona Y, Brooklyn, NY

“Connie coaches out of her own experience in healing and creating her life out of her deepest desires. Using her intuition and ability to connect with people, she supports clients to strengthen their intention to create what they want in their life, promote their own well being, set their own goals, and help them clear any obstacles in their way.”

~ Chris Rupp, Chapel Hill, NC

Connie is available for telephone sessions, or in-person sessions in Brooklyn, New York.

Connie Duval ~ Certified Process Coach
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