Chris Rupp

Chris RuppChris retired from NASA in 1999 after a successful career as a 'rocket scientist' and began working part time as a contractor. A year later he noticed he was feeling unfulfilled and driven at work so a friend suggested taking a course called Self Esteem Enhancement that launched him on his newer mission to explore the "inner space" of mind and body. Over the past six years Chris has taken over 700 hours of training in self-transformation work. He has taught courses licensed by the Kairos Foundation and he helps to produce weekend trainings serving in various roles including process facilitation. In his spare time he writes and teaches courses in human potential development at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Huntsville, Alabama.

Chris discovered Process Coaching while doing research for one of his courses and the frames and tools resonated with his own healing experience. Chris says, "The explanations in the 'Healing to Wholeness Healer's Guide' help people understand and trust the healing tools so people are more willing to do their work."

Chris Rupp ~ Certified Process Coach
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