Cathy Breshears

Cathy BreshearsCathy has been exploring various healing arts since 1989 in her quest for connection with the Universal Feminine honored in spirituality as she is in partnership with the Universal Masculine.

Cathy has practiced Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Natural Hygiene, Process Coaching and Yoga. After teaching Yoga for 15 years, she realized that she wants to bridge her experience of Yoga with Process Coaching. In doing this she devoted herself to the deep healing tools and perspectives of Process Coaching and became a coach herself. She has since found herself completely at home with this new modality.

Cathy considers herself an ambassador to the mind on behalf the Body and Will. She finds great joy in teaching ways to deeply listen and feel to heal deep emotional issues and find better balance between the body, emotions and mind. She has an ability to assist her students in discovering their greatness and who they truly are, while at the same time having compassion and understanding for where they are in their process of healing and self-discovery.

Cathy is now available by appointment for Process Coaching sessions and private Yoga lessons. You can also visit her web site:


Cathy Breshears ~ Certified Process Coach
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