Process Coaching for Pregnancy & Birth

Watch a video interview with Hannah Idarius on Process Coaching & Birth here.

“Congratulations! You’re pregnant!” These words may bring tears of joy and elation for some women, and for others they can spark uncertainty, overwhelm, shock, and so much more. Do I want this baby? Is this the right time for me/us? How can I make this work? How can I prepare myself to be the best mother I can be?

Melissa & CocoWhatever your response to learning that you are pregnant, what is certain is that life will never be the same. Pregnancy and childbirth are a powerful time in a woman’s life. As the forces of life move through her to nurture a new life, she also is being deeply transformed. Learning to move with these powerful forces opens the opportunity to be a vessel of love and healing for yourself--and your child.

Wow, this is so big! Just reading this far might have triggered feelings of uncertainty and guilt. What if I’m not up to the task? How do I do it right? The responsibility of becoming a mother can feel monumental. While it’s important to be informed and prepared, aligning with the process of birth is much more than having a plan or idea of how you want your birth experience to go. Trying to ‘do it right’ can create tremendous pressure and feelings of inadequacy, and guilt can easily creep in. Ironically, it’s by accepting whatever you are feeling in the moment that your experience shifts, ease comes in, and powerful healing becomes possible.

Typically we have been conditioned to move away from our ‘bad’ feelings, whether fear, anger or sadness, in a desire to be strong, calm and centered. We’ve learned to use our minds in the hopes of controlling our feelings. This however only creates an unloving split inside of our self. With the simple practice of Loving Life Force Energy you can shift focus from the conditioned mind to the energy of the feeling being experienced in Body. This practice can help you connect with previously unconscious feelings that have long been held in Body, so they can now heal.

Feelings that have never been received and integrated often surface during childbirth. Finding and healing these feelings beforehand is a powerful way to prepare for birth, empowering you to be aligned with the life forces working through you. This alignment also allows your child to experience the healthiest possible bonding and life-enhancing entry into life.

Process Coaching also offers tools for easy and profound healing of any past experiences that may be still influencing you, the expectant mom—freeing you to be more fully available for this pregnancy and birth. You can choose to bring healing to your own birth experience, past births, abortions, miscarriages, fertility issues, sexual traumas, issues with your partner, childhood traumas, and any other events stimulated by the physiological, emotional and psychological events during this time of your life.

Learning to be your own Healer, you can find the inner resources needed for deep emotional presence and movement. The Expressing! Practice points to how you can have more loving space for all of your inner parts to be felt and held with love, as you safely give voice to the feelings that come up around pregnancy and birth.

With Judgment Release you can quickly release guilt and shame. The Judgment Release Practice lays out the simple steps of accepting what you are feeling, whether it’s fear, excitement, irritation, anger, sadness, passion, or longing. In this process you learn to trust and accept yourself as you are, including the intuitive movements of Body.

Since a woman’s body knows instinctively how to give birth, it is important for her to trust Body’s instincts. The Being Body Practice helps you attune to the forces of labor. Moving as Body, you are able to intuitively open to the fluid yet powerful energy of birth. The more you ‘let go’ and learn to trust and connect with your intuition, feelings and body, the more instinctive and natural the birth can be.

Though every woman wants her birth to go as planned, sometimes the Universe has other ideas! What matters most during these challenges is being able to effectively handle each step of the journey, while staying open to your experience. Dancing with the Universe brings you into harmony with the Universe and how it is unfolding. Driving Backwards is about how to stay present and resourceful in each moment. A conscious and connected birth flows out of this kind of steadfast presence, regardless of the challenges that present themselves.

With the transformational resources of Process Coaching, you and your partner can work together as a team finding even deeper love for yourselves and each other (see Overview for Relationships). As new parents, you will be well prepared for this magical time in your lives. Opening yourself to the journey of becoming a parent, deepening the love inside and with your partner, you can welcome your newborn into a truly loving world.