Aurelia Bassidi

Aurelia is fromAurelia Bassidi Europe; her mother is French and her father is African, and although French is her native tongue, she is very fluent in English. She now lives among the redwoods in Navarro, CA. Her interests include permaculture, ecstatic and contact improvisation dance and sound healing. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner.

Aurelia is very passionate about Process Coaching for the support it’s been giving her to get unstuck and heal the old, unwanted patterns in her life—and the ongoing learning and deepening of her relationship with her feelings, her body and their intelligences. The tools of Process Coaching also help her drop out of mind and identify with Body, enabling her to more easily draw into her life what she’s really wanted.

“It has been a true gift to feel the vibrant energy in my body, to feel my aliveness. We have this amazing life force energy, but we’ve been afraid to open to it. Our own power and truth has been dimmed by the social conditioning that has programed us since early childhood. It’s now time for us to wake up and be fully alive! If you’re ready for a shift, I’ll be very happy to have a session with you in person or by phone.”

Aurelia Bassidi ~ Certified Process Coach
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