Expressing! Practice

This practice is also called 'Sentience-Led Self-Guided Process.' The essence of the practice is to allow the feelings themselves (sentience) to lead and direct your (conscious) process. As the resourceful Healer, you will be holding loving space for parts of yourself to express through your body and voice. We honor and support our sentient parts whenever we consciously give free expression to any feeling or sensation wanting to express. Healing and integration happens naturally, and we gain more love, freedom, life force energy, vitality, realness and fun.

Begin the practice by setting aside some space and time for free emotional expression. You will want to be in a place where you can express freely (and loudly) without being noticed by others. When you are ready to express, locate in your body a feeling or sensation that is currently triggered or has been recently triggered. Notice every feeling as it comes up, find where its energy centers in your body, and feel deeply into the energy.

As you feel into it, give the feeling or sensation your acceptance by expressing it in whatever way feels right to you. If you are feeling it, it must be right. Move your body, hands, arms and legs as if you were the feeling itself. Allow the energy you are experiencing to vibrate freely in your body and your voice. In this way it can inform you about what it wants in the moment.

If you sense a judgment or deep denial energy, you can either release it so you can more easily love the energy, or you may choose to express from the denial itself to bring more acceptance to the part experiencing the denial energy. Vibrating the feeling energy and moving with it in loving acceptance is perhaps the most effective way of releasing any denial in the feeling. You can also ask the feeling part what it wants, and then give it that in the moment.

It's okay to go as deeply into feelings as you want. If you have a fear of being overwhelmed by the feeling, feeling too much or too deeply, it’s best to find that fear in your body and express and move with it first. Then return to the original feeling.

This practice is meant to be an exploration where you follow your intuition and the flow of feelings. Often you will not know what will happen next, until it does. Also, feel free to use any tool from the manual your intuition suggests, in any way you want, to deepen your self-acceptance and love, free expression, and free Will.

Here are some possible questions you may ask yourself during the practice to help you stay focused and moving:

What am I experiencing, feeling right now?
Where am I feeling the energy of it in my body?
What is it like to be with this feeling just as it is? And how does this feel to the feeling?
What is it like to be this feeling? (Become the feeling and find out.)
What would this feeling say if it could speak in words? And what sounds would it express? (Give voice to the feeling.)
Would the feeling like to express anything more?
What does the feeling want? (Then give yourself what the feeling asks for.)
How does this feel to the feeling?

Continue using these questions as needed. Or simply use your intuitive guidance to keep your process moving towards more expression, love and self-acceptance.

Videos of people working in a group with this practice:

Michele Releases Denial Kathleen Expresses Desire