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The Essence of Process Coaching

The perceptual tools and inner healing practices offered in Process Coaching all boil down to one essential secret-to be all of who we truly are and have all of what we really want in life is to find and heal the lost parts of ourselves, down to the deepest... more

Introduction to the Work

Welcome to Process Coaching and the journey of healing to wholeness.'Inner process' is the dynamic, moment-by-moment experience of how we relate and move with our thoughts and feelings, and how we filter perceptions to create our experience of the world, our psychological-emotional process... more

Relationships: Creating the Intimacy You Desire

Relating with the person we are closest to can often present us with the most intense challenges, as well as the greatest opportunities for healing... more

For Pregnant & Birthing Women

“Congratulations! You’re pregnant!” These words may bring tears of joy and elation for some women, and for others they can spark uncertainty, overwhelm, shock, and so much more... more

Parenting as a Healing Journey

Our children are born through us, yet they are unique and distinct individuals with paths of their own. Our responsibility is to nurture and guide them, yet how do we avoid projecting our own limiting conditioning onto them?.. more

Loving Life Force Energy

The most direct (and perhaps easiest) way to heal and integrate lost parts of ourselves is to love the energy of a feeling in the body. A story usually starts up whenever we feel hurt, scared or angry. However, the story is just a series of thoughts about the feeling, not the feeling itself... more

The Wounded Healer

In Process Coaching we are the Healer when we come to the aid of a part of ourselves, and interestingly there is a shadow aspect to this. The 'Wounded Healer' is a powerful archetype in the healing arts. Carl Jung uncovered this archetype in himself and traced it back seven millennia to the ancient Greek myths of Chiron, the wounded centaur, and his student Asclepius, who became the god of medicine and healing... more

Clairsentience: Information Through Feeling

The single most important skill in Process Coaching is being able to feel subtle energy in ourselves and in others in order to gain access to the vast resource of clairsentient awareness . The psychic faculty called clairsentience (clear feeling) is the tool we use to read energy, and it's surprisingly easy to learn... more

Ho'oponopono & Process Coaching

The ancient healing practice of Ho’oponopono can be used very well with the tools and perspectives of Process Coaching. Both modalities offer quick and easy ways to empower yourself in difficult situations with the unusualy radical approach of taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life... more

Process Constellation Work

Have you ever walked into a room where people were having difficulties with each other and felt the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife? Or have you ever noticed the excitement ‘in the air’ when a group of friends or family have gathered to celebrate? Or perhaps... more

Inner Field Constellations

Inner Field Constellation Work uses the powerfully evocative ‘field’ of the imagination to bring previously unconscious material to conscious awareness. (See the Iceberg Metaphor.) As in outer constellation work, the client’s imagination is used to hold representatives of their family or organization, their issues, and/or parts of self... more

'Being Body' Practice

This practice underscores the power of 'flexible identity,' one of the most important principles of wholeness work. In this practice we are shifting the 'I am' from the accustomed identification with mind or inner spirit to identification with Body... more