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Healers Practices 2 CD Set

In this new second edition, John Pateros, the developer of Process Coaching, leads you through 19 of the essential practices of Process Coaching. Disc One, Exploring the Layers of Persona, and Disc Two, Exploring the Layers of Being help bring the tools alive. Listening to the CD is an easy and effective way to be guided through the processes and practices essential to self-healing.


Two CD Set: Healer’s Practices

Disc One: Exploring the Layers of Persona


1. Introduction 1:08
2. The Front Door 2:30
3. Loving Yourself 7:38
4. Judgment Release (with Betty Idarius) 5:24
5. Loving Life Force Energy 5:35
6. Perceptual Positions 4:09
7. Anchoring Resources 3:07
8. Running Energy 9:54
9. Exploring Core Desire 4:10
10. Short Form Regression 7:38
11. Deep Practice 4:33

Disc Two: Exploring the Layers of Being


 1.  Running Energy II     5:59
 2. Microcosmic Orbit     1:38
 3. Inner Dialogue     5:19
 4. Being Body     6:58
 5. Healing Desire     8:21
 6. Past Life Regression     8:34
 7. Transpersonal Regression   12:60
 8. Ocean of Grief, Ocean of Love     5:43


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